Council Proceedings

The Town of Wolseley is governed by elected officials which consist of seven members of Council. They are elected as a representive at large.

The Town Office and Adminstration is your direct link to Council.  The staff is there to provide assistance to meet your needs and bring forth any issues to Council in a timely manner.

Council Meetings

Council meetings are every first and third Wednesday of every month starting at 7:00pm in the Council Chamber of the Town Office located at 610 Varennes Street, unless otherwise posted.

It should be noted that any correspondence to Council becomes part of the council meeting thereby becoming public record.

Information must be submitted the Friday prior to the council meeting date.

Public Attendance at meetings

The public is welcome at any regular council meetings.  You will be there as an observer unless a request to the Town Office has been made to become a scheduled delegation the Friday prior to the date of the meeting.

How to become a delegation at a regular council meeting

If you or your business/organization wishes to make a presentation to council, you are required to do the following:

  • must submit in legible writing a request to council the Friday before the regular council meeting
  • the number of delegations to be present in front of council shall not exceed three
  • the delegation shall be allowed twenty minutes for their presentation
  • all items listed and more are available at the Town Office that forms part of the policy and procedures manual  (Policy No. 7)