Development Permits

A development permit is required to construct a new building, alter an existing building, construct an accessory building, demolition of an existing building or change the use of a building or portion of a building within the Town of Wolseley.  A development permit is also required for signs.

Anyone can make an application, whether or not they own the property concerned, provided they have a letter of authorization from the current property owner.

 Residential / Commercial Development Permit Application Form

Additional permits for building, electrical, plumbing, gas and heating may also be required for most home renovations and constructions.  It is always best to contact the Town of Wolseley prior to commencing work to make sure that you have your permits in order, or in fact do not need a permit. Should work be done that requires, but does not have a valid Building Permit, the Town can issue a Stop Work Order on the premises and may levy fines or cause the work to be dismantled at the owners expense.

Once approval has been given for your development permit, buildings permits are available through the Town of Wolseley. 

Building Permit Application Form

For demolition of any type of building is required before demo starts or the Town will place a Stop Work Order on the premises and may levy fines or cause the work to be placed back at the owner’s expense.

Demolition / Move Permit Application Form


Pursuant to Bylaw 3-2014,  A Bylaw to Regulate and Control Outdoor/Recreational Fires, all residents are required to have a valid Schedule A or Schedule B permit to burn any fires within town limits.

Application for a permit to construct or operate a backyard fire pit. Schedule A

Application for a special permit for an open-air fire. Schedule B