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Town Population


Rural Municipality (R.M.) Population


Total Population


Land Area


Median Age of Town Population

51.8 years

Median Age of R.M. Population

47.2 years

Median Income


Provincial Heritage Properties (R.M. and Town)


Municipal Heritage Properties


Wolseley Town Hall/Opera House is designated as both a Provincial and Municipal Heritage Property. The other Provincial Heritage Property is the Courthouse.

There are 49 Provincial Heritage Properties in Saskatchewan. Moose Jaw, Saskatoon, Weyburn, and Battleford also have two Provincial Heritage Properties.

Wolseley is the smallest town in Saskatchewan with the most Provincial Heritage Properties. Regina has the most overall with 13.

The current swinging bridge is the third one to be built across Fairly Lake; the first two were blown down in windstorms in 1954 and in 1991.