Tourist Information Centre – Discover Wolseley

The present Tourist Information Centre was built in 1986 and is situated at the west entrance of Town, off Highway 1.  Prior to this one we had a small building on Highway 1 by the water fountain east of Town.  As this created a traffic hazard by being too close to the highway’s edge, the Department of Highways asked that it be closed and move fountain and all, to a more suitable location.  The present site has been a much better choice, not only for its accessibility to the travelling public, but the safety feature and an area to park, were of prime importance.

Our facilities are opened by the July long weekend and close by the September long weekend, thus giving travelers an opportunity to secure maps, brochures of all kinds and general information that is readily available.  We also provide restrooms, WIFI connection, sewage dump, and a water fountain.

The tourist business can be very beneficial to any community and if we can meet and greet a visitor in our Information Centre, give some helpful advice, we give our Province a little boost.  In our Wolseley location we are very fortunate that our local people co-operate so willingly as volunteers and our summer staff to run the facilities.  Without them we could not begin to serve our fellow travelers.