Animal Services

The Town of Wolseley Animal Control Bylaw requires every pet owner to register his or her pet(s) and obtain a pet license each year (lifetime license options available).

It is important to register your pet for the following reasons:

  • registering your pet demonstrates responsible pet ownership, and helps the Town of Wolseley with the identification and safe return of your pet
  • if your pet goes missing, having it licensed drastically improves your chances of getting it returned to you safely
  • reduces the stress a pet may experience from staying at the pound
  • allows the Town of Wolseley to contact the pet owner in the event of an emergency to make vital decisions regarding their care
  • it’s the law! The cost of a license is far less than the penalty for being caught without one and saves the cost of impound care and sustenance fees

For more information on Animal Control at the Town of Wolseley, please see the information below.

Lost and Found Pets

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Pet Licenses

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Pound Keeper

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