Wolseley Cemetery

A beautiful greenspace within Wolseley, the Wolseley Cemetery can be found at the corner of Garnet Street North and Thomson Street. The Wolseley Cemetery is a special place to remember and celebrate the life of a loved one. If you wish to reflect, the Cemetery is a tranquil place for a relaxing walk or a place to enjoy nature. Historians and genealogists may have a special interest as the cemetery is the resting place of many of the Town’s pioneers.

The Town of Wolseley Public Works Department provides maintenance and restorative work to the Cemetery.

Bylaw No. 2004-19The Cemetery Bylaw

Cemetery Map (PDF)Not to scale

Wolseley Cemetery Burial Listing (PDF) Updated as of August 3, 2023

Cemetery Fees:

(4 x 10) Single Plot – $150.00
(4 x 10) Perpetual Care Fee for Single Plot – $150.00

(8 x 10) Double Plot – $300.00
(8 x 10) Perpetual Care Fee for Double Plot – $300.00

Plot Locate Fee* – $40.00
     *to confirm plot location for internment and/or headstone installment

Cremated Interment* – $50.00
*as second interment on existing plot + applicable perpetual care fee)


Consider a lasting gift – should you wish to honor a loved one with a lasting gift,
the Town accepts charitable donations.

To find a loved one, please stop by the Town Office during regular hours for directions.

For interment arrangements or to pre-plan a burial, please contact the Town Office at (306) 698-2477.