Development & Building Permits – What is the Difference?

Development permits relate to community planning; specifically, what can and cannot be done on or to a property. Regulations for development are found in our Zoning Bylaw (ZB) and Official Community Plan Bylaw (OCP). The ZB and OCP and are regulated by The Planning and Development Act, 2007.

Building Permits relate to the construction of structures and the regulations are found in our Building Bylaw. The Building Bylaw is regulated by The Construction Codes Act, including The National Building Code.

For further information regarding permitted, discretionary and prohibited uses please refer to the Town of Wolseley’s Zoning Bylaw 02-2015. Zoning for all properties in the municipality can be found on the “Zoning District Map” within the Zoning Bylaw. Regulations for each district will be found in the corresponding sections. For more information regarding building or development please contact the Town Office:

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Development Permit Applications

Subject to the Town of Wolseley Zoning Bylaw, a Development Permit authorizes a development or the use of a building or site for the purpose & intent stated in the permit. A Development Permit is required when carrying out of any building, engineering, mining, or operations in, on, or over land, or making of any material change in the use or intensity of use or any building, or land, and shall include, but not be limited to, excavating, filling, grading or drainage of land.

Town Development Application (PDF) – Coming Soon!

Development Information Guides

Town of Wolseley Swimming Pools Brochure (PDF) – Coming Soon!

Pool Development Permit Application (PDF)

Building Permit Applications

No person shall commence or cause to be commenced the construction, addition, alteration, renovation, repair, relocation, change of occupancy or use,  or reconstruction of a building without first obtaining a valid Building Permit from the Town of Wolseley. Failure to do so, may result in the issuance of a “Stop Work Order”. Construction that commences prior to issuance of a Building Permit will be subject to a special inspection fee. The special inspection fee will be double the amount of the Building Permit had it been taken out prior to construction.

Once a Development Permit is issued, applicants can prepare their application for building permit. RC Inspection Services have been appointed by the Town of Wolseley to perform building inspections. Development and building permit applications and payments should be made payable and submitted directly to the Town of Wolseley, not to RC Inspection Services.

Once building permit submissions are received by the municipal office, the submission will be checked for completeness and subsequently sent to RC Inspection Services for a Plan Review. Once the Plan Review is completed, if the proposal complies with The Construction Codes Act and the National Building Code of Canada, you will be contacted by the municipal office to pick up your Building Permit, Plan Review Report and pay your building permit fees.

For demolition of any type of building, a demolition permit is required before demo starts or the Town will place a Stop Work Order on the premises and may levy fines or cause the work to be placed back at the owner’s expense.

Additional permits for electrical, plumbing, gas and heating may also be required for most home renovations and constructions.

To obtain forms and information related to a residential or commercial project, please click the following links:

Application for Building Permit (PDF)

Application for Permit to Demolish or Move a Building (PDF)

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TSASK Plumbing and Gas Permits and Inspections

Backyard Fire Pit Permit:

Pursuant to Bylaw No. 3-2014A Bylaw to Regulate and Control Outdoor/Recreational Fires, all residents are required to obtain an annual permit to burn.