Municipal Portion of Property Taxes

Your municipal taxes pay for services such as police, fire, road maintenance, landfill, parks and recreational facilities, social services, planning services, municipal administration and council costs.

Prairie Valley School Division Education Portion of Property Taxes

The Town of Wolseley is responsible for collecting Education Property Tax from town property owners on behalf of the Provincial Government.  The Board of Education relies on property taxes to support education throughout the province.

While the Town of Wolseley is required by legislation to collect school taxes and lodge authority taxes, the municipality has no jurisdiction over setting the tax rates.

As of January 1, 2013 the Provincial Government does not allow any discount on the school portion of your property taxes.

Taxation FAQ’s

The Town of Wolseley offers all taxpayers the opportunity to make monthly payments for taxes if their tax account is paid up to date rather than making a single annual payment. Please contact the Town Office if you are unsure of your monthly payment amount or to clear up any tax arrears. 

The Town also offers a Tax Incentive Plan whereby residents can receive a discount on their yearly taxes at certain months of the year. The following discounts are given when a ratepayer pays at that time:

January 1 to July 31 – 5.0%
August 1 to 31 – 4.0%
September 1 to 30 – 3.0%
October 1 to 31 – 2.0%
November 1 to 30 – 1.0%
December 1 to 31 – 0.0%

Economic Development Program

The Town of Wolseley offers a tax incentive program for those who wish to build or move-in a new home into our growing community. The program abates 100% of the municipal portion of property taxes in the first year, and 50% of the municipal portion of property taxes in the second year. First, land owner(s) must submit a Building Application Permit to Council for approval. Upon approval and receipt of the Permit Application Fee, the home owners are then eligible.

To apply, Council asks to submit your proposal for the Economic Development Program and upon approval, an agreement will be written up between the home owner(s) and the Town of Wolseley.

PLEASE NOTE: This program cannot waive the Education Property Tax portion of your property taxes. This is Provincial Legislation, and therefore they cannot be abated, and are required to be paid.

Important Reminders 

  • Your property tax bill covers the period from January 1 to December 31
  • Property taxes are due December 31, but can be paid at any time during the year (i.e. prepaid)
  • A 2.0% penalty is added per month to any unpaid balance after December 31. If still unpaid, tax enforcement proceedings will commence as per The Tax Enforcement Act
  • All charges on a tax account become the responsibility of the registered owner of the property
  • Non-receipt of your property tax notice does not exempt you from penalty due to late payment
  • If you do not receive your tax notice by August 31, please contact the Town Office at (306) 698-2477 or email
  • If you are mailing your payment, please allow ample time for your payment to be postmarked by Canada Post on or before the due date
  • If you are unable to make it into the Town Office during business hours, there is a mail slot located in the Council Chamber door for your convenience.
  • You cannot appeal your taxes or your tax rate, you can only appeal your assessment and only when the assessment roll is open.
  • Your utility bill or any unpaid invoices can be added to your tax roll if you are a homeowner if they are left unpaid.