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Another maintenance project on the exterior of Wolseley’s Town Hall/Opera House has recently been completed. This project, successfully administered and managed by the Wolseley Heritage Foundation (WHF), and in partnership with the Saskatachewan Heritage Foundation (SHF) and the Town of Wolseley, involved the repair of the large mortar crack on the buttress wall, the re-working of the water drainage area that contributed to the formation of the crack, the replacement of several broken bricks, the placement of caulking between the ceremonial door and the brickwork, and the repair of numerous other smaller cracks in the mortar on all sides of the building (especially those cracks between the window sills and the brickwork).

Also, please note that the mortar used for the re-pointing work is not coloured as the recommendations from experts instructed that coloured mortar deteriorates and fails quickly. The lime mortar that was used for this project is expected to: 1) last for a very long time and; 2) fade from the current stark white to a shade closer to the old mortar in due course.

In closing, the Town of Wolseley wishes to thank the Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation and the Wolseley Heritage Foundation for their contributions.

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During Summer 2015, the Town of Wolseley in partnership with the Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation (SHF) have come together to fund a rehabilitation of the Town Hall/Opera House. The rehabilitation consisted of the following:

– Engineered Structural Assessment of a large crack that formed at the buttress of the North-west corner of the Building. The Enginered Assessment Report indicated the crack is not involved with the structural support of the building, but should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent futher moisture damage;

– Construction/Maintenance Items: repair and repainting of all trim on the hose and bell towers, repair and repainting of all flashings and trim elsewhere on the building, repainting of all exterior painted surfaces, replacement of three (3) broken window panes.

In closing, the Town of Wolseley successfully fulfilled the Grant Application with the SHF for the Town Hall/Opera House Rehabilitation Project, and received $15,382 for our efforts. The Town of Wolseley is very appreciative of SHF’s contribution towards the project, and thankful for the Wolseley Heritage Foundation for administering the project!

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