Entertainment and Recreation

Twilite Drive-In

Built in 1954 by Stan Zaba, the Twilite Drive-In still operates in Wolseley after over sixty years. It is the first drive-in theatre built in Saskatchewan, and is only of a handful still operating in Canada.

Now owned by Stan’s son, Don, the Twilite Drive-In does not play as many shows as it did during its heyday in the 1960s and 1970s, it still plays shows weekends May through September. Over the years, the Drive-In has played many blockbusters, ranging from The Sound of Music and Gone with the Wind to The Dark Knight and Transformers. It offers a full concession stand including popcorn, fountain drinks, and various fried foods. The movies have been playing on an old-style projector, where Don could be found changing the reels during shows. On July 2nd and 3rd, 2013 the Twilite Drive-In upgraded to a new digital projector. The first digitally formatted movie to show at the Drive-In was Thursday, July 4 and it was none other than – Iron Man 3. As a thank-you to everyone for their continued support, with raising money to keep the Twilite Drive-In open for more seasons to come, Thursday July 4 was FREE Admission Night.

Wolseley and District Sportsplex

Wolseley’s Sportsplex is one of Wolseley’s most popular entertainment venues, especially during the winter months. While the Sportsplex has hosted numerous wedding receptions, homecomings, and other community events during the spring, summer, and fall, it really flourishes during the winter. From November to March, Wolseley’s Minor Hockey Teams and Skating Club make use of the facilities for practices, games, and in the case of the Skating Club, their annual recital. The Sportsplex is also host to the Wolseley Winterhawks, Wolseley’s amateur hockey team.

Wolseley Curling Club

The Wolseley Curling Club, like the Sportsplex, is also a popular entertainment venue, as on the rare occasion, public gatherings are held within. However, it is most popular during the winter, when Wolseley’s amateur curling teams take to the ice. The teams range from families, to friends, to co-workers, and to people who just so happened to show up. The host many annual bonspiels, a popular one in recent years being a community bonspiel in which local businesses compete.

Wolseley Golf Course

Located just off of Wolseley’s east entrance, the Wolseley Golf Course offers a 9-hole, par 32 course to residents and visitors during the summer months. While the course itself will not be hosting any championship tournaments in the near future, the course is well kept, and is a wonderful option for those looking to have a relaxing afternoon of golf.