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Annual Waterworks Reporting

2022 Drinking Water Quality and Compliance (PDF)

2022 Annual Waterworks Financial Overview (PDF)

WOLSELEY – 👀 If you didn’t already know, the Town of Wolseley and Wolseley Horticulture Society is competing in the NATIONAL Edition of the Communities In Bloom for 2023! Our Public Works Department, Dedicated Volunteers and Residents alike are working extremely hard in public spaces and their own yards to make Wolseley shine!
📸 I am looking for current, updated photos of our GORGEOUS community! Photos of the green spaces, flowers/flower baskets, flower beds, Fairly Lake, Courthouse Grounds, Swinging Bridge, Wildlife for ideas. A picture is worth a thousand words! Start taking photos and let’s show the world what our “blooming” community has to offer! This is an excellent opportunity to attract tourism and help promote our community.
Disclaimer: These photos may be used for the presentations at the Communities In Bloom Symposium and Awards Ceremonies, their e-newsletter, website and other various promotional opportunities. (Once photos are submitted to the Town of Wolseley, you release full authority for the Town of Wolseley to use your photo for promotional use, and submit to the Communities In Bloom).
Please make sure these photos are submitted in high resolution.
📧 Please submit all high resolution photos to:
The Town’s deadline for submitting photos to Communities in Bloom is JUNE 30th, 2023, but the Town will accept photos ALL SUMMER LONG to use on our very own Facebook Page and Website.
📸 Please SHARE with your photography friends!
Photo taken by: Helen Gwilliam

Jan 09 2023 – SHA News Release, Phased Service Resumption for Wolseley (PDF)

🚧 NOTICE – Water Street Bridge 🚧

PLEASE BE ADVISED, you may have noticed the Water Street Bridge has been temporarily modified to allow ONE LANE traffic to cross the bridge at a time.
Reason: this is a matter of public safety; additionally, this is a temporary measure to extend the life of the bridge until funding can be secured for replacement.
Given the current condition of the bridge, it has been recommended to the Town by a bridge inspector, to restrict traffic to the middle so the exterior girder on the north side is never loaded along with the exterior piles.
The said bridge has had a weight restriction posted at 3 tons for the last few years. We ask the public to continue adhering to the posted weight restriction.
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Public News Release for Outdoor Rink 

The Town of Wolseley is pleased to announce that, thanks in part to an investment of $50,835 from the Government of Canada, we are proceeding with the rejuvenation of the Wolseley outdoor skating rink located on Water Street. Federal funding for this initiative is provided through the Canada Community Revitalization Fund (CCRF), which is administered in Saskatchewan by Prairies Economic Development Canada. See below Public News Release for full details!

Public News Release for Wolseley Outdoor Rink (PDF)

Tourism Saskatchewan

Did You Know? The Tourism Saskatchewan website sees over 1.5 million visitors annually and tourism in Saskatchewan added 2 billion to the Saskatchewan economy (pre-COVID). We encourage all tourism-related businesses, attractions and recreational activities within the Town of Wolseley to take advantage of FREE listings on the Provincial Tourism Website by completing a business registration form which is available for download on the industry website by CLICKING HERE.

Along with the advantage of the FREE listing on the Provincial Tourism Website, Tourism Saskatchewan also offers many Free and small fee courses on their site, from understanding tourism and the economic potential, clean it right training for hospitality and retail business, to best customer service in all your business practices on their site. CLICK HERE to view the Industry Education and Training website.

APAS Rural Connectivity Task Force – Internet Speed Test

The Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan (APAS) is a grassroots agricultural policy and advocacy organization. They identify the most important problems facing farmers and ranchers, come up with innovative policy solutions, and then promote those solutions to government and industry.

APAS is working on a new project that will benefit every town and village in the province – the APAS Rural Connectivity Task Force. The new Task Force met with industry experts, service providers, and regulators to understand why internet and cellular coverage is still so bad in rural Saskatchewan, and identify ways to fix the problem. APAS created a Speed Test for Saskatchewan. It’s an easy way to calculate your internet speed to give a better understanding of service levels across the province. CLICK HERE for more information.

To take the APAS Internet Speed Test, please visit:

Town Office Speed Test – January 8, 2020


Effective immediately and until further notice the conversion of the community hospital in Wolseley will take place. To enable this conversion, the emergency department in Wolseley will now be temporarily CLOSED effective Thursday May 14, 2020. By converting the purpose of Community hospitals in some of our communities we can protect our most vulnerable populations. Keeping patients and staff safe and healthy continues to be our number one priority. This is part of the Integrated Rural areas surge plan which will allow for the movement of alternate level of care patients out of tertiary and regional hospitals to create space for the potential COVID-19 surge.

In the event of an emergency, call 911. EMS will be dispatched to respond. EMS will assess the patient, initiate treatment, and transport to the most appropriate facility to provide further care for the patient’s illness/injury. Inpatient acute care admissions will temporarily stop and only patients considered alternate level of care will be admitted. Primary Health Care services will be maintained.

Key Messages, Questions and Answers
Click the following link to view the PDF from the Saskatchewan Health Authority

Key Messages – Community Hospital to Alternate Level of Care (ALC) Conversion – Phase 2 (.PDF)


2019 Photo Contest: Congratulations to Tanice Kerr! The judges were given 65 photos anonymously to choose a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, and out of seven contributors, Tanice’s photos won all three spots!


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT, effective June 1, 2018 all Construction Demolition materials will no longer be accepted at the Wolseley Landfill, until further notice. It is the responsibility of those (i.e. contractors and residents) to find alternative methods of proper disposal of these materials.

This decision is directly related to current waste disposal cell capacity and changing regulations at the Ministry of Environment (“MoE”). The MoE no longer permits, authorizes or approves the construction of any new waste disposal cells in the province unless they are engineered and constructed to best management practices. The Town of Wolseley will assess and investigate different options to come to a resolution for the Wolseley Landfill.

Dated this 18th day of May, 2018
Signed: Candice Quintyn, CAO


As per Resolution No. [397/17] at the October 18th regular meeting of Council, we are advising Contractors that effective January 1, 2018, the
Town of Wolseley Landfill will no longer be accepting shingles.

This decision was based on the fact that shingles are taking up too much space. Council therefore wishes to extend the useful life of the Wolseley Landfill, by discontinuing the acceptance of shingles.

Alternative options are available are contacting neighboring communities who may still accept shingles, or contacting a waste disposal company to supply and place a large disposal bin at the job site.

We thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


The Town of Wolseley contracts Loraas Disposal as a third-party Waste Collector for Residential Curbside Waste and Recycling Services, as well as Commercial Recycling Services.

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